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These “How To” courses contain the newest information for entrepreneurs. They are perfect digital products for your new My7DayBiz website. (For a limited time order our Standard Package and the Wealth Pack will be included FREE).

The 24 Ways to Move from Employee to Entrepreneur

If you are like most entrepreneurs you have at least one idea that we can turn into a mobile responsive website for you. But in case you find yourself stuck for inspiration click on the link below to find digital products that we will load into a My7DayBiz site for you.

1) Social Media Money Strategies for Realtors (words 2,506)
Thanks to social media platforms like; Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, smart realtors can grow their client base while saving money on advertising. But you need to know what strategies work best with social media. Yes, there is a process and a method. Now you can discover how to get your phone to ring more often and increase your bottom line.

2) Make Money Turning Junk into Cash (words 2,521)
Odds are you have junk lying around. You have been meaning to get rid of it for months, maybe longer. A local flea market may be the perfect solution to your problem. But what are the best strategies for getting the most for your unwanted items? You can turn your junk into gold without paying online auction fees or post office hassle. You may be sitting on a small fortune. Discover how to cash in on it!

3) The 7 Rules to Become A Self-Made Millionaire (words 3,638)
What do millionaires have in common? What are the traits they cultivate that make it possible for them to regain millions of dollars after losing everything? Many people dream about becoming a millionaire. But few put a plan in place to make it happen. Now you will discover some practical ways to make this “dream number” a reality.

4) The 3 Day Weekend Way to Success (words 2,940)
The 3 Day Weekend: How to compress your work week and enjoy your life more. Adding an additional day to your weekend can free up a remarkable amount of time to do all kinds of things: Weekend getaways; Focus on your health; Work on a part-time business; Spend more time with your family.

5) Work At Home Strategies for Higher Profits (words 2,822)
There are lots of reasons to add another income stream to your life. You may want money to help with utility bills, for your child’s college tuition, or a new car. Now you can learn how to create a second income, part-time, while keeping your regular job. More importantly you can learn how to make a part-time business work, without killing yourself, while working a regular job.

6) Make Money Babysitting (words 2,462)
Babysitting may be an ideal part-time job for you. Babysitting has many benefits: you are inside, if you do a good job clients like to refer you to others. If you want to learn what else it takes to be a good babysitter read this guide today.

7) How to Make Money Beekeeping (words 1,280)
Here are the steps to ensuring a successful beekeeping operation. They are simple and quick to learn. Learn what it takes, step-by-step with the knowledge of others who are experts in the field. Here are the secrets to become a prosperous beekeeper today!

8) Secret Big Money Websites (words 1,901)
Which websites earn the most money? How can you tell in advance which ones to invest in (or create yourself). Everyday entrepreneurs are making thousands of dollars from big money websites. Here’s your inside look.

9) Buy and Sell College Textbooks for Huge Profits (words 2,150)
Offering discounted college textbooks to students provides a needed service. Every year new versions of college textbooks are released. But many professors are fine with the previous year’s version because in most cases only minor changes have been made. Understanding this opens the door to a unique business opportunity for enterprising college students (or entrepreneurs). Easily earn $500 dollars, or more, a month selling college textbooks.

10) How to Flip Cars for Fast Cash (words 3,316)
If you like the idea of selling cars and making money on the side these strategies and techniques will prove very profitable. Buying a car (the right way) and then selling it for profit is a good way to pick up thousands of dollars each month – part-time.

11) 100 Email Subject Lines That Get Messages Read (words 3,636)
If you are doing any online marketing a lot is riding on your emailings. Despite the issues with spam, email marketing is still the fastest, and most cost effective, way to reach your audience. But if your readers aren’t opening the message all of your effort is in vein. Discover the tested email subject lines that get emails opened. Now you can stop spinning your wheels and launch more successful email marketing campaigns that increase your bottom line.

12) The Powerful Freemium Website Model (words 2,513)
It doesn’t matter what you are offering or how you are selling it. You can increase the return on your investment by adding ‘free’ to your marketing mix. But you must know exactly how to do it or this powerful strategy will backfire. Now you can learn how to do freemium promotions like the wealthy gurus. Discover secrets that newbies miss when they are trying to add free programs.

13) Get Back on Google Adwords After Being Banned (words 1,305)
Every one talks about the Google slaps (updates like Panda, Penguin, etc.). But many entrepreneurs have had their Adwords business shut down cutting off hundreds to thousands of day in profit. Now you will know how to get back on Adwords after being banned.

14) Make Hemp Bracelets to Sell on Etsy (words 1,323)
Hemp bracelets have been around since the ancient times. Hemp was widely used by jewelry makers in Egypt, and goes back in history about 12,000 years. Now you can discover how to quickly and easily make these bracelets for fast cash. Hemp bracelets are surprisingly popular with men too. They make great gifts and are considered treasured keepsakes. Enjoy learning how to profit from your own creations.

15) How To Make Big Money After Age 50 (words 2,534)
The number of people who are becoming successful late in life, and even becoming millionaires, is increasing! Think that you are over the hill? Maybe you’re just a late bloomer. Your experience and maturity are a gift. All you have to do is change your perspective; stop looking at the past and focus on a brighter future. Discover others who were almost ready to throw in the towel.

16) Make A Living Working On A Cruise Ship (words 2,553)
Did you know that you don’t need to join the Navy to see the world on a ship. Yes, it’s true you can find fun and meaningful work on a cruise ship. Imagine how much fun it will be to meet new and exciting people and get paid for visiting exotic ports. This is work that you can do for a short period of time, perhaps in between your ‘regular’ job. Discover how you can chart a new career course for fun and profit today!

17) Making Money Online with Different Identities (words 3,888)
Need another income stream but don’t want to go public? Maybe you have a professional job or don’t want others to know that you are making money online. You may be surprised to discover that you can create a persona (or Nom de Plume) and earn great income from the internet. You may be familiar with the handful of big name online money makers (gurus). These are the people who appear on YouTube videos and TV infomerical. But for everyone you see there are many that you don’t see! In fact, there are thousands of successful, and wealthy, online marketers whose names you will NEVER know. These people earn more in one day than many Americans earn all month! They stay behind the scenes completely anonymous.

18) Fun Money Making Scrabble Tile Jewelry (words 1,242)
The popularity of Scrabble tile jewelry seems to grow every year. In weekly trips to fleamarkets and craft fairs I continue to see new and exciting variations. Now you can learn how to make Scrabble tile jewelry, step-by-step, that you can sell locally or online.

19) Drop Shipping Strategies That Avoid Competition (words 2,858)
In this guide you will finally discover how to avoid the common problems that the average dropshipper encounters. Everyone knows that the trick to making big money with Amazon FBA is discovering WHAT to sell. This Guide will reveal the NEW way to drop ship.

20) The Quick Social Media Hack (words 2,509)
Social media is here to stay. Traditional advertising media (TV, radio, and print) are taking a major hit on ad spending. More people are learning how to promote their products and causes using this tremendous resource. What should a beginner know before embarking upon this, often confusing, promotional pursuit? Now you can stop guessing and start profiting.

21) Make Your First Million Super Fast (words 2,053)
The techniques, strategies, and inside secrets that you are about to
be taught can mean the difference between success and failure for a
brand new business or an entrepreneur going it alone!

22) Breaking Through Customer’s Sale Resistance (words 2,684)
You need to learn the new ways to get proven results and generate more money online (or off). Before your customer makes a purchase they must pass through a justification point. It’s why you pay more for that new shiny car, purchase the premium item, and why you will get this book. Discover the unconscious trigger points that cause your customers to buy and avoid making the mistakes that are stopping them from taking action. (Warning: this information is not for newbies).

23) Writing A Make Money Book in Only One Day (words 2,074)
Your ability to write a book that sells and market it through profitable online book services is like having a blank check. The skill is in knowing how to do it profitably. This means you must know which topics (niches) to choose and how to leverage that content. Here are the keys to your own publishing empire. Now the seemingly complicated has just become easy and very profitable.

24) What To Sell On eBay Today to Make Big Money (words 2,544)
Have you ever sold anything on eBay? Did you leave with the gnawing feeling that you could have gotten more money for your item? Now you will never have to worry about that pain of regret again. You can discover the secret to how the top eBay Powersellers do it. What do they sell that makes them top dollar? The secrets contained here will inspire you to dust off unused items and grab top dollar on eBay.


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