Terms and Conditions

– Any additional images or graphics (other than the ones we provide).
– Landing pages
– Video creation (one person talking on camera).
– Additional pages
* Contact us for pricing.

Terms & Conditions
  Changes or additions will extend the 7 day window for delivery.
  You must already have header images, logos, product images, videos links, etc. beyond what we offer in our standard 3 packages.
  Price includes domain purchases through Blue Host. Purchases from other sites will add $25 installation fee.
If you allow your account hosting to expire the mobile optimized site will be unpublished and will no longer be reachable from the web.
Purchasing our hosting services is a condition of using our services. If you wish to have your site moved elsewhere an additional fee of $50 will be added.
You must have a Paypal (or other payment) account to include payment buttons. Your payment button will be linked to those payment pages.

Refund Policy
There are no refunds on design or hosting services.

Our copy editors and graphic designers will consult with you and create content for your site based on your preferences.  We can write copy and design graphics from scratch or add to/revise any existing content.

7 Day Turnaround
The clock starts once you have ordered and we have everything we need to build your site. This information includes; logos, video links, site description, etc. If you have questions CONTACT US.