Jobs for College Dropouts

Let me start this article with a list of famous entrepreneurs who dropped out of college:

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder, dropped out at 20
Michael Dell, Dell founder, dropped out at 19
Steve Jobs, Apple founder, dropped out at 19
Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder, dropped out at 19
Bill Gates, Microsoft founder, dropped out at 20
Evan Williams, Twitter co-founder, dropped out at 20
Larry Ellison, Oracle founder, dropped out at 20
Jan Koum, WhatsApp founder, dropped out at 21
Travis Kalanick, Uber founder, dropped out at 21
John Mackey, Whole Foods founder, dropped out at 22

Now if you started college but didn’t get a degree there are still options available to you:

– take night courses
– take weekend courses
– take courses online

But if you are at a place in life that even these options are not available what you will learn
in this article may prove very useful.

One of the big realities of life is that college is growing increasingly unaffordable. The irony is that the online education options are also increasing. There may come a time when going to a physical building to get a college degree will be a thing of the past.

But again, you are reading this article because you want to work and need the income.

The good news is that if you are reading these words you have, or have access to, a computer. And while you continue searching for a job there are realistic options for generating income online.

Malcolm Gladwell has studied and written extensively about what it takes to be successful. He has repeatedly exalted the importance of connections and being in the right place. In his book, The Outliers, he compares super-intelligent people from vastly different backgrounds, such as genius Christopher Langan, who, having been brought up in a poor family, had no academic credentials and ended up working as a bouncer, to the ‘manor born’ Robert Oppenheimer.

Even college graduate who have “useless” degress (like liberal arts, history, etc.) are finding a hard time finding work.

In fact, some no-degree jobs will have you earning more, and earlier in your career, than your average college grad with a liberal arts degree. If you’re focused enough to know what you want to pursue, you can get on a non-college career track at 18 and earn more than your contemporaries–and keep out-earning them 10 years down the line.

While you continue to search for a solid job it may be a good idea to open the financial ‘pipeline’ of the internet and avail yourself of the income that is waiting for you.

You can literally be a connector between workers and the work that is ready for them. And you can do this without any technical knowledge or experience, and certainly without a college degree.

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