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Dear New "Writer",

Are you new to the internet, or been online for a while, and still not made any real money?

Either way it doesn't matter.

Odds are you could stand to add a brand new, reliable, income stream to whatever you are doing now.

My name is Donna Stevenson. And I am just a regular person who made a simple discovery that changed my life forever.

My Simple Discovery

A while back I made a wonderful living writing books, articles, content for websites, and even scripts for videos.

In fact, it was in writing a video script that my eureka moment hit me.

It felt like a ton of bricks!

Why didn't I have this "obvious" realization sooner?

"Every single 'product' online requires the written word!"

It was a "Wow" and "Duh" moment both at the same time. Every informational video on YouTube, or anywhere else, at some point, was written by someone.

Think about it...

Every single product, video, blog, article, website, etc. requires the text (referred to as "copy") that gives them life!

But it was my second 'breakthrough' idea that brought me to the words you are reading now (and the Mp3 recording that will change your life when you hear it!)

A Stressful Breakthrough

While working on 3 projects my favorite client had an emergency assignment that had to be done right away.

(This usually mean a high paying project because I can charge more for his emergency work).

Here's the problem: I was swamped!!

The projects that caused me to be swamped needed rewrites and last minute changes.

But I couldn't let down my best client!

That's when I took a leap of faith and made the painful decision to "farm out" (outsource) two of the other assignments.

I kept an easier one that I could do while working the emergency assignment.

Yes, you guessed it, my gambit paid off!

I was able to get out of my delimma and deliver all 3 of the projects on time.

But honestly it was tricky.

And it required some patience because finding the right person to trust with the work took a couple of days.

That experience is what gave me the inspiration to create:

"Make Money Writing Online Even If You Have Never Written Before: How To Make $5K A Month from Home!"

I Needed A Break!

If you work alone from home there is a tendency to work long hours.

This can lead to some problems and bad habits:

- isolation

- lack of exercise

- overeating

- stress

I had reached a point where I needed a break!

So I took a well deserved vacation to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Since I had accumulated a nice fat bankroll being away for a couple of weeks wouldn't stress me out too much.

But then he called...again!

Yes, it was my best client. With, you guessed it, another emergency assignment.

Let me explain what I would like to call the entrepreneur's curse.

As an entrepreneur you never want to turn down work.

Even if you have lots of money in the bank, and are away on vacation, you quickly become "the girl who can't say no!"

As entrepreneurs, too many times we experience feast or famine!

We're sitting on our thumbs or we are overloaded with work.

But, you NEVER want to turn down the work.

So, YES, I took the assignment.

In fact, I didn't even mention that I was on vacation!

Then I got on the phone with my new outsourcer went over the details and went back to my Margarita and fashion magazine.

The Power of Scaling

To make a long story short I enjoyed my vacation, got the assignment completed (checking in for questions), and came home to a nice fat payday.

Now this got me to thinking.

How many future assignments could I outsource in this same manner?

Why wait?

Why not actively pursue work with this new "system" and see where it takes me?

Maybe I could even take on writing projects outside of my bailiwick and could grow my business larger?


It worked (and is still working) like a charm!

The time (life) I have gotten back by using my unique approach has allowed me to:

- Focus on my health (lose 35 pounds)

- Triple my income

- Travel more (YES!)

- And create more fun side projects (like the recording you are about to hear (that will change your life!)

In my audiobook that you get as an instant download I also reveal some of the 'secrets' that the big marketing gurus are charging others like you outrageous money to learn.

It's important that you understand that outsourcing, with my unique method, is just one of the strategies you will learn.

Anyone Can Find a Freelancer!

Don't misunderstand, anyone can go to Fiverr, Upwork, or the other freelance sites and find workers.

But it's my specific method of finding and tasking outsourcers that is the game changer.

It's from my personal experience.

How I apply these resources is what makes my audiobook such a wise investment for you.

Let me repeat this; anyone can find an outsourcer.

But the critical concept that most people miss is understanding how to make your outsourcer totally responsible for actually generating the income!

I don't mean penciling in assignment deadlines on a white board or calendar.

The task that your outsourcers are doing must deliver immediate income. Only then can you truly scale your business, multiply your earnings, and find freedom.

After listening to my audiobook you will also know:

- The writing projects that pay you the most money.


- The sites that you can use that will pay you for the work.


- How to get high paying clients.


- How to start without knowing how to write a single word!


I am convinced that anyone, with average intelligence, can do this.

The resources and tips that I share in "Make Money Writing Online Even If You Have Never Written Before: How To Make $5K A Month from Home!" may actually change your life.

I'm not kidding.

But of course I would say that it's my product!

Below are some of the actual 5 star Amazon reviews that it received when I sold it as an audio CD:






Complete List of Sites!








You will get a complete list of sites. Some pay as much as $200.00 for just one single article!


You will discover a whole new world hidden on the internet.

You will also learn why your ideas are much more valuable than the ability to write.

Learn what’s working right now to make money with writing.

"Make Money Writing Online Even If You Have Never Written Before: How To Make $5K A Month from Home!" outlines the ‘make money online’ landscape and how to avoid common traps.

I also reveal inside resources, strategies, and tactics to speed up your wealth from outsourcing the work.

Now you can leverage your time and make your outsourcers responsible for your profit.

(Something that most writers never do).

Others have sold this information for $100 dollars or more.

My audiobook will allow you to change your finances, and future, with what you will learn.

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Here's the tip that I only taught my closest friends.

Before becoming a full-time writer I changed my work schedule.

I started working 4 ten hour days and took off Friday to create long weekends.

Basically, I took the Tim Ferriss concept (4 hour workweek) and flipped it.

This 4 day work week strategy was critical to my wealth creation!

It allowed me to refocus and start getting writing assignments that have totally changed my lifestyle.

When I explained how I was able to 'free myself' from a job that I didn't like and increase my income friends said "You should write a book."

So I did.

Now you will discover the steps I was able to take in order to create enough income to quit my full-time job and experience true freedom and happiness.

The 4 Day Work Week: How to Compress Your Work Week and Enjoy Your Life More! Regain Control of Your Life and Start Living Again!

If the 4 hour work week is beyond your grasp consider my 4 day work week.


Adding an additional day to your weekend can free up a remarkable amount of time to do all kinds of things:

- Weekend getaways
- Focus on your health
- Create new income streams
- Spend more time with your family

Now you can discover the benefits of an additional 24 hours and how to convince your boss to let you try it.


What you discover here will give you a whole new lease on life!


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Here's why I don't offer a money back guarantee on my audiobooks:

Initially I sold these audiobooks as CDs. But to be honest with you it was more time consuming than I had hoped.

Yes, they sold well and I made good money with them. But I had to send them into Amazon FBA when I would run out.

Nowadays my time is more important to me and I hated checking Seller Central's interface each day.

The other reason is because you can't really 'return' a digital download. If someone asks for a refund they, in essence, steal your work.

Which really sucks! So sorry, no refund on your digital download.

There is a lot of useful, life-changing strategies, tips, and resources in these recordings.

I have made the price low enough to be a great deal.

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You just need to learn how to make your efforts more lucrative by leveraging my methods, strategies, and resources.

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