Option A -

You Have A Book



Most new, and existing, authors are often stuck when it comes to promoting their work. That's because authors are usually creatives and not marketers.

We would bet that there is a good chance that you have seen our Book Promo page link all over the internet.


Because hundreds of authors, and non-authors, are being paid to promote it!

(See Option B).

This means millions of views and clicks to your book.

Now, for one low price, your book can be seen by millions of people each year.


Option A – $297
Your book cover on our “ThankYou4Reading.Com” page for an entire year for the low price of only $297 dollars. (Less than $25 a month!)









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Option B -

You Don't Have A Book


Make great money even if you are not an author or don't have a book to promote.


You will receive a unique promotion link for Option A.


Each time an author orders through your link you receive a $100.00 dollar commission!


Only one order and you have made back your investment.


Option B – Only $97

You will receive a $100.00 dollar commission each time an author orders Option A through your link!


During this Special Offer you will only pay $97 dollars to get your unique promotion link. Order now before this price increases.


































































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