How You Can Make Up to $100 Dollars A Day With Digital Products!


Donna Stevenson

- Tired of playing the Facebook game and losing money?

- Gave Amazon FBA a try and got stiffed by an overseas manufacturer?

- Don't want to sit on another 2 hour "shiny object" webinar?

- Have a stock market play go bad on you?



Then I've got great news for YOU!

All of that is about to end for you TODAY.

I'm afraid that the online gurus have been leading you down a false road. In fact, in many ways this road is more like a treadmill.

You keep running and running and getting nowhere.

And what you will learn today will change your life (certainly your perspective) forever!



But This May NOT Be For YOU...

Before I dive in let me say, right upfront, that what I reveal in "How You Can Make Up to $100 Dollars A Day With Digital Products!" may not be for you.


In fact, don't even bother if:

- If you are too attached to chasing shiny objects.
- Lack the ability to focus on a task.
- Like the idea of risking money on physical products.

I would urge you to move on and go to the next shiny object now.

But if you are ready to change your finances and have asked "the real question" let's begin.



The Real Question!

If these guys and gals are making so much money from Amazon FBA, Facebook Ads, Webinars, etc. then why are they telling you about it?


Why not just keep their mouths shut and make the money?

Because, dear reader, the thing that they are telling you about is NOT where the real money is being made!


It’s the digital thing (membership, course, books, software, coaching, etc.) behind what they are talking about that makes the real money!

Let's look at the numbers.


You can make $10k a month with Amazon FBA with a lot of hard work, the expense of buying thousands of products, and the hassles.




You can create a digital product (course, training, book series, etc.) and really hit pay dirt.

A $300 to $1,000 dollar digital product that hundreds of consumers buy from you can make some real money.




$300 x 500 consumers = $150,000.00 dollars.

$500 x 500 consumers = $250,000.00 dollars


$1,000 x 200 consumers = $200,000.00 dollars


In many cases thousands of consumers are buying these digital products!

My digital products make me a nice little fortune. And my book will reveal many of the secrets I use to make it!

Hello, my name is Donna Stevenson.

I'm one of the writers for My7DayBiz.Com. Maybe you've heard of my popular audiobook: "Make Money Writing Online" where you never write a single word! (Link is here).

I am here to reveal the truth.

It's one that you may have suspected but never quite pieced together.

Here it is:



"The real money online is, and this is the important part, WILL ALWAYS BE, made from  digital products!"


Please don't let the LIFE CHANGING, money making, power of what I just revealed escape you.

Now you may be thinking one of the following:

1) "No way Donna, people are killing it on Amazon FBA right now!"

2) "You don't know what you are talking about! The real secret to online wealth today is Facebook advertising."

3) "Donna, you sound like a nice person but clearly webinars are the secret to making real money online this year"

Thanks for your feedback - I appreciate it. No, really I do.

But think about this for a moment...

Every single person selling one of the products, programs, or approaches, just mentioned have one thing in common:

Their REAL money is being made from digital products!

Don't believe it?


Then go back and look at each one of those offers and you will discover that a digital product is behind what is being sold.


Simply because the other approaches to making money are just too risky!

Amazon FBA

FBA is riddled with problems that exponentially increase daily (because the volume of products is growing). The 'race to the bottom' is just the tip of the iceberg. Dealing with physical products means lost inventory, delays, mistakes and package damage. Let's not mention the time you will lose trying to communicate with overseas manufacturers. This route is, more often than not, very expensive.

Facebook advertising
Don't even get me started on Facebook. Everyone shouts about the power of Facebook advertising but most of the offers there don't even convert! I won't even get into how much money you will lose trying to "test" your offer. While you are testing Facebook is making a fortune! Plus spending money online is subtle. It's easy to look at your monthly bank statement and discover that you've spent way more than you thought on testing your ads (that didn't convert).


*Sidebar - while I'm mentioning Facebook let me say a word about Social Media. How many platforms will you chase? Every year a new social media platform hits the market. Right now intelligent people are trying to divide the hours in their day between social media platforms. The plain truth is that the time they are wasting their is not generating money (not real money). Not only do you waste time but you are wasting money. Please! Let me show you a better way.

I think of webinars as "the flavor of the day" they were popular even as recently as last year. But now they are tanking. The only people really pushing webinars today are the ones making money from the webinar software (which is another digital product (smile).

Nothing Beats Digital Income!
The reasons that digital products make the most sense for the fastest (and easiest) way to make money are pretty straight forward:

- You are not paying for products from China that sit on FBA warehouse shelves collecting dust.
- Your customer receives their product immediately (people are impatient).
- You get paid immediately!

(This fact escapes even the smartest person, a membership (or coaching program) is a digital product too!)

Amazon's Digital Products

Every third party seller on Amazon FBA is paying a monthly subscription fee. About $40.00 dollars at the moment.

Although they seem to hide the stats regarding the number of FBA members they have, even a few million members times $40 dollars (each month) is a lot of money.

But let's not forget the Amazon's Prime members. According to a 2017 article by Krystina Gustafson on the CNBC website:

 "...The precise number of Prime members is difficult to nail down given the different subscription options Amazon offers. In the U.S., Amazon charges $99 for an annual Prime membership, which gives subscribers free two-day shipping and access to other perks like its streaming services. The company said it generated $6.4 billion in revenue related to that item last year."

Did you get that?

That was $6.4 billion dollars BEFORE the first book or product is even sold.

Okay, I think my point has been made.

The real money is being made online. I don't need to list the hazards of trying to run a brick and mortar business in today's economy, right?

And the real money online is being made through digital products.

Another thing perhaps worth mentioning is YouTube.

If you look at the most viewed YouTube videos on the "Make Money Online" topic you will see that each of them have a link to some digital product.

(Check it for yourself).

Incidentally, YouTube pays the most watched video creators on ads placed in their videos that are watched by consumers.

Both the watched video and the commercial are digital products. And the creators of these videos are also compensated digitally through PayPal.

Still unsure about the sheer money making power of digital products?

Here Are Some Other Advantages of Having Your Own Digital Products:

Complete control - You don't need to worry about some marketplace telling you what you can and can not do with your products.

Unlimited inventory - Digital products have the unique advantage of never going “out of stock.” It certainly beats having to buy and ship products to Amazon FBA each month.

Low cost to create - You will save thousands of dollars by not having to deal with physical products.

Ship globally - This is huge! You can ship internationally instantly without worrying about customs, packaging, or your product being lost.

Automated income - Once your digital products are available you can receive payments around the clock while you are sleeping, on vacation or doing anything else. You have separated your labor from your income.
(Something that Tim Ferriss of "The 4-hour Workweek" strongly advocates).

Unlimited income - There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with your digital products.

Brand building - Digital products are a fantastic way to build your brand.

True passive and residual income - Your product becomes a real asset and you keep earning your money month-after-month, year-after-year!

Freedom - This approach to income generation lets you work wherever and whenever you want. You can be in Hawaii and your money will still be accumulating in your bank account.



Avoid all of the 'scammy' non-sense online. Now you control the product and your income!





Why You Should Order Now...




Here's What You Get!



- How to Pick Winning Digital Products that Sell!

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- How to Make Your Business Run Without You.

- The Secret to Passive Income with Digital Products.

- How to Build Your Brand and Reputation.

- Easy Ways to Protect Your Product Ideas.

- Setting Up the Digital Products System That Replaces Your Full-time Income!






Which One Are You?

In my experience I have discovered that people fall into two camps:

Camp #1 - Will wait until some financial calamity happens and then scurry around trying to find a new income source to deal with the problem.

Camp#2 - Understand the importance of having additional income streams in place now before the problem. Because they understand that 'something' always seems to happen that requires more money.

If you have always been in camp #1 you may consider discovering a better approach by joining me in camp #2. This way you can start adding more dependable income to improve your lifestyle.









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Now you may be thinking:

"Okay Donna, I see your well-made points. But I'm Jane Average. I don't write, know how to make YouTube videos, or have any technical knowledge. How am I supposed to make money with digital products?"

Good question.

The answer is very simple: read my book!

Disclaimer: by law I must say that you will order my book and make more than $100.00 dollars a day, less than $100.00 dollars a day, or it is possible that you won't make any money at all. But that is why you also get my 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Below:

To make it easy for you to part with your digital money I am including the following powerful money back guarantee!

If you don't earn at least $500 dollars within the next 30 days applying what you will learn (and you may be one of the smart ones who earn much more). I will do the following:

I will buy my book back from you (that's what a Money Back Guarantee is, in essence).

But, if at the end of 30 days, you have decided to keep "How You Can Make Up to $100 Dollars A Day With Digital Products!" I will give you my most popular digital product:


"Make Money Writing Online" will show you how to make up to $5,000.00 a month without writing a single word yourself! I will give you my most popular digital product (located here) for FREE!

NOTE: after you have tried even just one of the methods for 30 days, and decided not to refund, I will send you the link to my audiobook "Make Money Writing Online" (that also contains the bonus audiobook: "The 4-Day Work Week!"). 

I only have one condition. By ordering at the link below you agree to give what I teach you a try for at least 30 days. You may not request a refund until your 31st day.

(Simply email: admin@My7DayBiz.Com  Subject: "Refund")

That's it!



"Remember, all of the money that you will ever want (or need) is online from digital products!"



You have nothing to lose and new daily cash flow to gain.

Now do yourself, and your bank account, a favor and get started at the link below...





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